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1Aviation Spill Cleaner is an absorbent created to handle the needs of any airport. This effective spill cleaner has the capacity to absorb up to ten times its own weight, making it a reusable solution that works in any condition.


Having a reusable and easily storable spill cleaner available on-site for spilled oils, fuels, anti-freezes, or solvents is crucial to ensuring your operations stay on-time and on task. Since Aviation Spill Cleaner is designed to be used both indoor and outdoor, you can rest assured that it will quickly clean any tough mess.


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Quality Sorb 5X Industrial Spill Cleaner is a lightweight, reusable spill cleaner designed specifically to effectively handle everyday industrial spills. 

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Quality Sorb 10X Marine Spill Cleaner floats on water while absorbing heavier liquids, without sinking so you can skim water spills with minimal effort.