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10X Marine Spill Cleaner is a unique lightweight absorbent that floats on water while absorbing up to ten times its own weight without sinking. This makes it the perfect cleaner to have on hand at your marina in case of any oil or fuel spills. Unlike traditional spill cleaners, 10X Marine Spill Cleaner not only contains a spill but absorbs it quickly as well, making it easy to skim the water's surface and dispose of it hassle free.


10X Marine Spill Cleaner also works just as well on land.  It is reusable and easy to store. If you operate a facility with the potential of spilling chemicals into a water supply, this is the multi-purpose spill cleaner for you. 


See how 10X Marine Spill Cleaner can support your operations in a cost effective manner today by contacting our sales staff.




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Quality Sorb 10X Aviation Spill Cleaner is capable of absorbing ten times its own weight so you can store and apply when you need to clean spills quickly.