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Quality People. Quality Products.

Quality Sorb produces high-quality, reusable, and natural products that clean any type of spill on land or sea. Operating within all major industrial verticals, Quality Sorb offers the perfect solution to clean and dispose of serious spills in an easy-to-use application. 


From oils to acids and everything in between, Quality Sorb’s innovative products absorb up to ten times their own weight while maintaining their integrity. Quality Sorb's products give customers peace of mind in knowing they are using an effective product that outperforms traditional spill cleaners in absorption power and quality.  See which of our products is right for you by contacting our sales team.



Our Philosophy is simple…create a superior product that saves our customers time and money.  Because, when you need to take more time to clean spills, you lose money, and that's not good in our opinion.


We work hard to develop practical, effective, and easy-to-use products for our partners in any industry and any environment. How do we do it?  We start with a commitment to practicality.  We believe that cleaning spills should be the least of your worries because you have better things to do. We strive to make a spill cleaner that does its job with minimum effort in minimal time.


We ensure that our products meet our high integrity standards.  Meaning, we emphasize quality and reusability.  Every time you need to run to the store to pick up a product, you lose time, you lose money.  We’ve created a product that saves both.  With Quality Sorb, you can store and reuse the spill cleaner so you don’t need to purchase products as often or worry about disposing of difficult, messy cleaners.  We continue to work hard to keep your workplace cleaner and less stressful.


Why Coco Peat?

Coco peat is a natural byproduct of coconut.  It comes from the fibers between the internal shell and outer layer of this special plant.  The reason we use coco peat in our products is because of its extreme absorbing power. 


The material is naturally porous, allowing it to absorb up to ten times its own weight in liquids.  We’ve found that using this material not only allows our products to be more effective at absorbing spills than traditional spill cleaners.  Coco peat fulfills the commitment we've made to our community to keep our planet green, by utilizing natural, renewable resources in our production. 


We are proud to do our part in supplying natural products that have a practical use for others in many different industries. Explore how our naturally absorbing products can handle all of your spills by speaking with our sales team today.