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Product description

Our Product Quality Sorb can absorb up to ten times its weight meaning it can be reused, saving time and money. Our super lightweight blend absorbs spilled oilsand chemicals in water while continuing to float.
Quality Sorb's spill cleaners are made with all natural coco peat, making it a certified non-hazardous and natural solution, safe for any user.
Heavy duty absorbents for any spill on land or water.
Quality Sorb's commercial spill cleaners are designed to effectively handle the most difficult spills. We work hard to ensure that our high-quality spill cleaners take care of your everyday spills quickly and easily so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

5X Industrial 7.6L

  • 5X Industrial comes in Medium boxes 105x50x55 cm. There are 50 bags in the box. and 8 boxes on a full pallet.

    Can be sold box by box  full pallet or 1-50 bags this orders will be sent with FedEX or UPS